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The Revenant Book Review

Posted in - Books on May 30th 2016 2 Comments

Phonto (17)

I first heard about this book when I watched the movie based of the novel. The film kept my attention and hanging on to find out what would happen next. As soon as the ending credits went up I raced to my desk to get The Revenant at the public library. What I love about this story is the main character gets left for dead and he wants to die but can’t let it go that his crew abandoned him and took his rifle and knife to help him survive in the wilderness. His revenge is bubbling up inside. History intrigues me and what is unique is it is set in the 1820’s. They are a fur trapping company. The background is deep in the mountains and the author explains the scenery and animals with eloquent words. What is interesting about the Author of this book is he serves as the U.S. ambassador to the World Trade Organization. His other jobs in the past include white house National Security council staff history correspondent for Montana quarterly and an adjunct professor at the University of Montana. He is not allowed to talk about or promote his book because of his government job.   

In the book the main character’s tenacity to never give up is inspiring. The human will when put to the test is resilient beyond reason. Having been attacked by a grizzly bear that tore his whole body to shreds his two crew who were supposed to look after him left him for dead. They took his kit along with his rifle and knife. The only thing he needed to help him survive. Having been wounded badly any man  would have given up. Not Glass. Something rose up like fire in his belly and he would get his revenge and get his belongings back. The book takes you on the journey of Glass trying to find Fitzgerald and at the same time needing to survive in the wilderness with no knife or gun to kill animals for food. Having all the tools a person needs to survive in the wild is hard enough. It becomes almost impossible without any tools. This is set back in time when the Indians and Americans were fighting each other for land. Hugh has to dodge the Indians as he makes his way down the Missouri river. Hugh had a twist of fate and had a Indian take pity on him. He was called the medicine man because he had all kinds of herbs to heal the body. He took Hugh in to his camp replenished his body and healed his flesh that had been ripped to shreds by the bear. This book is based on true events and it impressed me how Indians figured out how to heal the body by themselves. How men learned how to survive in the wild with having to making their own fires canoes find food and survive in the dead of winter. The author explained the nature in a beautiful way. “The darkness deepened and Glass watched as the stars emerged dim at first later bright as lighthouse beacons.” He had been on the brink of death and still could admire the stars. The man had a will that was unstoppable. I will not tell you anymore because I do not want to spoil the end. If you love being out in the great outdoors and you love a good old fashioned avenging story then you should read the novel. As for trying to get a hold of the Author that is harder to do . He is not allowed to discuss this book or promote it because it would conflict with his government job.


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  • Jeri - Reply

    June 4, 2016 at 4:30 am

    I put this book on my TBR list as soon as I saw the movie trailer for the first time. I love stories of survival and also have a spot for Western-themed novels. The DVD came in the mail today from NetFlix as well so I guess I know what Ill be watching in the next few days 😉

    • crystal - Reply

      June 5, 2016 at 4:04 pm

      Me too. I love it when they are like screw you buddy I am taking you down! =)

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