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Bella Napoli Pizzeria restaurant review

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My husband and I love to eat. Thank God we are in the restaurant industry and do a lot of walking. Otherwise we would catch the diabetes and have to wear flexy pants. Italian food was next up on our list. Chandler’s friend who also loves food gave us the recommendation of Bella Napoli Pizzeria. …

I experienced a silver lining

Posted in - I will take inspiration any place I can find it on August 25th 2015 4 Comments

“Hi ‚ welcome to North‚ my name is Crystal‚ I will be taking care of you this evening. Have you dined with us before? I got a quick response yes and then immediately going into demands with‚ “I need two kid’s lemonades‚ we need to put the children’s order in now‚ …

My transition from restaurants to healthcare

Posted in - I will take inspiration any place I can find it on July 27th 2015 4 Comments

I have been working in healthcare for ten months at a major hospital in the south.  Before I was in healthcare I was a waitress at various restaurants in Arizona and Michigan. When I was working as a waitress I enjoyed    interacting with people and learning about their interests. …