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My trip to the Smoky Mountains

Posted in - Personal Journey on August 18th 2015 2 Comments

My husband and I visited Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge TN which is referred to as the Smoky Mountains. We hiked the Smoky Mountains and I was engulfed in the breathtaking beauty and overwhelming peace. There is also the Pigeon Forge strip which is like a family style Vegas town. There are …

Trying to get back to center

Posted in - Personal Journey on September 25th 2014 5 Comments
This is what getting centered looks like to me. The sunrise in Franklin, Tennessee.

This last week just one of those kind of weeks Where everything feels like it’s going wrong and you keep trying to get back to center‚ not have a melt down‚ and trudge through the rest of your week. However‚ everywhere you turn some annoying circumstance keeps nailing you in the face.

The first incident that …

“The beach is my happy place">The beach is my happy place

Posted in - I will take inspiration any place I can find it on July 3rd 2014 17 Comments
Gulf shores beach

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Its seven am and my husband and I have been sitting  on the beach watching the calm waves splashing‚  enjoying the light breeze‚ and the calm of the quiet morning.

If you are a person who likes a little peace and …

Giving up the parts that do not fit anymore

Posted in - Personal Journey on February 24th 2014 2 Comments

Today‚ I realized I can not control people‚places‚ or things. Well‚ I have known this before‚ but I am human. Every so often‚ I will revert back to my old ways.Shakespeare said‚

I have played many parts‚ and some of those parts do not give me peace and serenity anymore.  I sometimes want to …