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Southern Charm Versus Desert Oasis

Posted in - Personal Journey on October 20th 2015 1 Comments

Both having lived in Phoenix‚ Arizona and now living in Nashville‚ Tn they are both beautiful cities in their own way. Of course there are differences between them. When I drive around Nashville and Franklin I think of the beautiful green rolling hills.

When I would joyride around …

The Fitbit A.K.A The Truth Strap

Posted in - Personal Journey on September 8th 2015 2 Comments


My husband recently bought me a fitbit for my birthday. I am now obsessed with this product. I work as a nurse assistant at a hospital and I wanted to see how many steps I took in a twelve hour shift. The first day I got 1’‚000 steps. My mind was blown away that …

‚ my month of madness review">Brain on Fire my month of madness review

Posted in - Books on May 7th 2015 3 Comments


A woman on the verge of a successful journalist career‚ a budding relationship‚ young and vibrant‚ walks into her New york apartment one morning to find two insect bites on her arm. From that day‚ it was a downward spiral of her losing her mind. Her boyfriend finds her on the floor having …