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The Revenant Book Review

Posted in - Books on May 30th 2016 2 Comments

I first heard about this book when I watched the movie based of the novel. The film kept my attention and hanging on to find out what would happen next. As soon as the ending credits went up I raced to my desk to get The Revenant at the public library. What I love about …

Do What You Love Guest Post: Jeri Walker

Posted in - Books on May 17th 2016 20 Comments

Becoming a Freelance Editor 

Becoming a freelance editor was not on my career radar when I started a blog back in November 2011. After devoting more than a decade to pursuing graduate English studies in education and rhetoric and composition followed by teaching high school language arts and college composition‚ I should …

‚ and book club discussion: Primates of Park Avenue">Q and A with Wednesday Martin and book club discussion: Primates of Park Avenue

Posted in - Books on April 12th 2016 2 Comments



When the women at book club first saw Wednesday Martin on the tv that we were using to Skype with her‚ they were expecting her to be all done up‚  and perfectly manicured like all the women she explains in the book. Instead we got a laid back woman liked the rest of us. One …

My thoughts on the Book Primates of Park Avenue: a Memoir

Posted in - Books on February 4th 2016 2 Comments

This is a true story of  Wednesday Martin who lived in friendly west New York and decided to move to the upper east side for her husband’s career. The central character is cast into niche culture of mothers that behave stranger than fiction. Mrs. Martin a former award winning anthropologist makes it her job to …

The Drop book review

Posted in - Books on November 18th 2015 5 Comments


If you have ever seen the movie Mystic River‚ Gone Baby Gone or Shutter Island‚ these stories were all novels before they became movies. They all are written by Dennis Lehane to. Dennis Lehane’s latest book The Drop was also turned into a movie. The funny thing is I didn’t know all of these …

Invisible Girls: A memoir book review

Posted in - Books on October 6th 2015 1 Comments

Sarah‚ a 27 year old physician assistant who suddenly gets diagnosed with breast cancer is riding on the bus one day when she sees these Somali girls on the bus who are playing peekaboo with her. She gets their address and decides to take a chance and go visit them at their home. They are …

‚ my month of madness review">Brain on Fire my month of madness review

Posted in - Books on May 7th 2015 3 Comments


A woman on the verge of a successful journalist career‚ a budding relationship‚ young and vibrant‚ walks into her New york apartment one morning to find two insect bites on her arm. From that day‚ it was a downward spiral of her losing her mind. Her boyfriend finds her on the floor having …

‚ Death And Hope In A Mumbai Under city Book Review">Behind the beautiful forevers Life Death And Hope In A Mumbai Under city Book Review

Posted in - Books on April 1st 2015 3 Comments


Katherine Boo‚ winner of the Pulitzer Prize‚ takes one on a journey into a hand full of slum dweller’s lives in Mumbai trying to make a living and survive.

Annawandi is a slum made up of three thousand people overlooking the prestigious Airport and upscale hotels who live in their “huts‚ some held …

The Ladies Auxiliary Book Review

Posted in - Books on March 10th 2015 2 Comments

Who hasn’t felt like an outsider at some point in their life? I know I have and it can make one doubt themselves and never quite feel they belong. Batsheva‚ the main character in The Ladies Auxiliary moves to Memphis‚ TN‚ a small‚ close-knit Orthodox Jewish community to start over with her seven-year-old …

Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets Book Review

Posted in - Books on December 15th 2014 3 Comments

A police reporter for the Baltimore Sun decides to take a year off to follow the Baltimore homicide unit around for a year to get insight into what a homicide detective’s job entails.

The author takes you through the day to day job and what happens on a job of a homicide detective. There is the …