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The Revenant Book Review

Posted in - Books
on May 30th 2016

I first heard about this book when I watched the movie based of the novel. The film kept my attention and hanging on to find out what would happen next. As soon as the ending credits went up I raced to my desk to get The Revenant at the public library. What I love about …

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Do What You Love Guest Post: Jeri Walker

Posted in - Books
on May 17th 2016

Becoming a Freelance EditorĀ 

Becoming a freelance editor was not on my career radar when I started a blog back in November 2011. After devoting more than a decade to pursuing graduate English studies in education and rhetoric and composition followed by teaching high school language arts and college composition‚ I should …

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I am 31, married, no children (yet), and want to live life like it is my last day on Earth every day. I used to be negative Nancy, and my life was going nowhere but down. Today, I have remodeled my mind, body, and soul. I have trudged the road to pure bliss and I want to help change your life by letting you see my life experiences. I am not saying my life is all colors and rainbows. However, it is better than I could have ever imagined for myself.

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