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Trying to get back to center

Posted in - Personal Journey
on September 25th 2014

This last week just one of those kind of weeks Where everything feels like it’s going wrong and you keep trying to get back to center‚ not have a melt down‚ and trudge through the rest of your week. However‚ everywhere you turn some …

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About Me

I am 31, married, no children (yet), and want to live life like it is my last day on Earth every day. I used to be negative Nancy, and my life was going nowhere but down. Today, I have remodeled my mind, body, and soul. I have trudged the road to pure bliss and I want to help change your life by letting you see my life experiences. I am not saying my life is all colors and rainbows. However, it is better than I could have ever imagined for myself.

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