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My thoughts on the Book Primates of Park Avenue: a Memoir

Posted in - Books
on February 4th 2016

This is a true story of  Wednesday Martin who lived in friendly west New York and decided to move to the upper east side for her husband’s career. The central character is cast into niche culture of mothers that behave stranger than fiction. Mrs. Martin a former award winning anthropologist makes it her job to …

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I am 31, married, no children (yet), and want to live life like it is my last day on Earth every day. I used to be negative Nancy, and my life was going nowhere but down. Today, I have remodeled my mind, body, and soul. I have trudged the road to pure bliss and I want to help change your life by letting you see my life experiences. I am not saying my life is all colors and rainbows. However, it is better than I could have ever imagined for myself.

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